Bio::DB::NextProt: A Perl Module for neXtProt Database Information Retrieval

Published in PeerJ, 2014

Recommended citation: Leprevost, Felipe V. Bio:: DB:: NextProt: A Perl Module for neXtProt Database Information Retrieval. No. e372v1. PeerJ PrePrints, 2014.

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The neXtProt database is a comprehensive knowledge platform recently adopted by the Chromosome-centric Human Proteome Project as the main reference database. The primary goal of the project is to identify and catalog every human protein encoded in the human genome. For such, computational approaches have an important role as data analysis and dedicated software are indispensable. Here we describe Bio::DB::NextProt, a Perl module that provides an object-oriented access to the neXtProt REST Web services, enabling the programatically retrieval of structured information. The Bio::DB::NextProt module presents a new way to interact and download information from the neXtProt database. Every parameter available through REST API is covered by the module allowing a fast, dynamic and ready-to-use alternative for those who need to access neXtProt data. Bio::DB::NextProt is an easy-to-use module that provides automatically retrieval of data, ready to be integrated into third-party software or to be used by other programmers on the fly. The module is freely available from from CPAN ( and GitHub ( and is released under the perl_5 license.